Talking Splat for #mentalillness or #chronicillness

Talking Splat for #mentalillness or #chronicillness
(because every day we feel like we’ve been run over by *something *)

MOPED my symptoms are *always* there, but today they are pretty chill.

EURO CAR My symptoms are holding me back a little, but I can do more today than usual.

SEDAN Just a standard day with this illness. I definitely don’t feel well, but I’m functioning.

PICKUP TRUCK I can almost get by like a normal person today, but everything is a huge struggle and I want my mommy.

TRACTOR TRAILER Everything means they ever said about this disease is true. I feel absolutely awful. If it’s critically important, I’ll do it. The rest of life will have to wait.

FREIGHT TRAIN All my symptoms are at their worst. I’m totally miserable, and I couldn’t keep my “invisible” illness invisible if I tried. If you need me, I’ll be in my bed, and well, just *don’t* need me.

ASTEROID Zombies are more alive then I am.

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