TMI Tuesday #214

1. Is there an entertaining story attached to (women) your first bra / (men) your first jockstrap?
Shrugs, I started wearing bras when I was in public school (grade 5) was the only girl in class that needed to wear one, by Jr High it was more common but was not great because most girls still where an A cup where I was by then a D cup.

2. Is there a story to (women) your first try at bralessness /(men) your first encounter with bralessness?
No story, I always took my bra off as soon as I got home from school and its not changed the moment I get home and have the chance to do so it comes off and stays off less it needs to back on.

3. How about your first time going commando?
I can’t remember the first time I did that, but I do know that I like to wear as little as possible and given a choice will go around without clothing for as long as I can get away with doing so. But then again anyone who knows me knows my dislike of clothing to start with so its not a big deal.

4. Or your first discovery of lack-of-underpants in another?
No idea – never meet anyone who didn’t like wearing them

5. Any other good underwear-related tales to tell?
Not that I can think of

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