Neroli oil is derived from blossoms from the bitter orange tree and is named after the 17th Century Italian princess, Anne-Marie Orsini, Countess of Nerola. The scent of orange blossoms was her trademark in society as she had it imported to Italy specifically for use in her bathwater and gloves.

In the language of flowers, orange blossoms are associated with marriage and purity and were often used in traditional bridal hairpieces.

Neroli is known as one of the precious essential oils, because of its high price. It takes over about one ton of orange blossoms to produce just 2 pounds of essential oil. For this reason, it is most often sold diluted in a base oil.

The wonderful scent of neroli oil is reason enough alone to use it, but it also has many therapeutic properties. Known as an antidepressant and gentle sedative, it is also helpful for dry skin. It is incredible for the “baby blues” associated with post-natal hormonal shifts, or mood swings deriving from PMS.

Neroli can be used in diffusers, baths, body or massage oils, or misters.

Neroli essential oil mixes especially well with orange, mandarin, jasmine, and lavender essential oils to create delightful blends.

Cautions: Neroli essential oil is a very safe oil, and can be used by members of the whole family. There are no known adverse reactions to neroli oil, though it is recommended that caution is exercised when exposing neroli-treated skin to the sun (as with any essential oil). Because it is one of the precious, and very expensive oils, be sure to always buy a quality product that has been blended with a quality base oil.



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