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Welcome to the unoffical Trans Canada Trails – Challenge

The Trans Canada Trails is a real existing trail that does go though each provance and territory (or will by 2010 they are hoping). This here is my own personal deal that I made up to challenge myself and several of my friends to get into shape and get moving.

Thus I though that by posting this others might also get into getting moving and virtually do the Trans Canada Trails. I’ve gone through the parent site for information on the trails lengths (unforutantly they really haven’t totaled the length of each provances trails so what I have listed is what I have come up with from my own calulations, I think its close at least.)

How this challenge works is that you choose the Provence you wish to walk, run or bike from the list below .. and each day you record how many miles or km you have walked/run/biked .. you take that number and subtract it from the total for that Provance.

EXAMPLE I walked 5.89 miles yesterday

I am walking Ontario … now Ontario’s trans Canada Trail is 2,485 miles .. now if i take off the 5.89 miles I walked I get 2,479.11 miles remaining to be walked till i have completed the trail


2,485 miles – 5.89 miles = 2,479.11 miles left to go

The goal ultmatly is to do all of the Trans Canada Trails, though the trails are not 100% complete at this point in time, there is hope that it will be 100% complete by the time the Olympics in 2010 come to Vancover BC, cause there is the hope to use the trail for part of the tourches journey.

The trails as they currently stand (as of 8/31/7)

Alberta – 2,200 km or 1,367 miles
BC – 2,700 km or 1,677 miles
New Brunswick – 820 km or 509 miles
Ontario – 4,000 km or 2,485 miles
Quebec – trail not yet complete
Manitoba – 1,188 km or 738 miles
Nova Scotia – 700 km or 434 miles
Newfoundland & Lab – 900 km or 559 miles
Northwest Territories – 640 km or 397 miles
Nunavut – no trails as yet
PEI – 350 km or 217 miles
Saskatchewan – 1,400 km or 869 miles
Yukon – 1,600 km or 994 miles

Current TOTAL trail length = 14,518 km or 9,021 miles
Final Trail Lenth when completed = 18,000 km or 11,185 miles

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