Totems of the Air

Totems of the Air
Compiled by Nyx Wolfwalker 1999

Air – Creativity, Illuminators

Direction– East

Attributes – Inspiration, Creative Ideas, Knowledge Abstraction from Chaos, Mental Work, Organisation from Disorganisation, Phychic Work, Development of Philosophies, Revealing Self-examination, Brain Stimulation, Awakening of High Intellect

Animal World Totems – Wolf, Eagle, Hawk, Dear, Cats, Most Day Birds, Horses, Butterflies, Dragonflies

Mineral World Totems – Crystals of inspiration, Stones, gemstones for meditation, Philosophical energisers for meditation, Highly illuminating mesages , Fluorite

Plant World Totems – Lavender (to burn, or perfume oil)

Human World Totems – Zen meditation, Brainstorming

The above information was collected and reworked from the following’s books.
Walking the path of Shamanism – Raven Whitefeather 1975
In the Shadow of the Sun – TwoWings Walking Bear
In The Shadow of the Shaman – Amber Wolf



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