Mabon Animal Celebration

On this holiday we honor the Goddess for her blessing of the harvest. We also honor Mabon, the God who protects all that is wild and free- our human spirits and the animals of the earth.

Prepare your circle with an altar which you place all kinds of animal symbols, statues, bones, feathers, drawings, and even animal crackers.

Call in the power of the directions/elements by invoking animals that are associated with each direction, and make the noise of that animal.

For the East/Air: birds, butterflies, and all air borne creatures.

For the South/Fire: Spirited animals. Loins and big cats with courage and sun heated habitats. Animals moving so swift that their hooves spark against the ground. Fir serpents.

For the West/Water: any animals that dwell in the water.

For the North/Earth: large earth dwelling animals; bears, elephants. Grazing animals, cows, goats, elk, moose. Animals that live in very cold regions, wolves, foxes. Animals living underground; rabbits, gofers, ferrets.

Invoke the Goddess and God. You may want to call upon the Goddess as the lady of the Beasts, protector of animals, and the God Mabon, the Horned One of full power that protects all that is wild and free.

Then call upon the animals you wish to care for and bless. Start with the animals that you are closest to: personal pets, neighborhood pets. “I care about, Aussie the dog, whom I love to play with, and call her in,” and so on.

Then call upon the animals are wild and close to you. “I care about the racoons and call them in, even though they upset our garbage cans.” I care about and call in the deer that eat our garden because they are beautiful and I love looking at them.”

Then call upon the wild animals that live upon your continent. “I care about the wolves and call them in. May they continue to run free in the wild.”

Move on to the animals through out the entire world. “I call in the whales and sea lions. My the Goddess and God protect them and their habitats.” I call in the elephants and bless them and the people trying to save them.” I call upon the butterflies, and ask that their rain forest home be saved.”

When the circle is filled with spirits you’ve called in, raise a cone of power by making animal sounds and movements. Visualize the energy from the howling, barking, yipping, and roaring protecting, saving, and blessing the animals. When the energy has reached its peak, ground by saying a quiet blessing:

“May the earth, all her wild creatures, and people who work to save them absorb our blessings, and be strengthened by our power.”

Think of ways you can help to protect all the animals of the earth. {It’s always important to link intent with action.}

Pet Blessing
Gather any pets in your home into your circle. {Children may want to bring stuffed animals.} You may also ask for the spirits of other animals which you love that live with other people to join you as well. Sprinkle the animals and animal symbols with salted water, say: We thank you for sharing your lives with us, and ask Goddess and God to bless you with health and safety. You give up your wildness to remind us of ours. You teach us how to walk without words, to sing without tunes. You show us love without questions. From you we learn how love grows from kindness alone.

Share a treat with your animal friend.

Animal Blessing Song
Hooves and feet, fins and wings, voices bark and voices sing.

Earth’s alive, the air and sea,with life that lives with you and me.

We have horns, we have scales,we have claws and spouts for whales, we’re hard or soft, with fur or skin, our earths the boat that we’re all in.

All of us, lets join in hands, and do our best to save our lands, to keep the spiral turning ’round, and keep our circle balanced, and sound



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