Fitness Assessment at the GYM

Well yesterday was my Fitness Assessment at the GYM that I have joined … what a little joke it turned out to be .. k to me at least, I didn’t take them 100% seriously.

The whole deal of the Fitness assessment it did seam was to catch me into signing up for a min of once a week with a trainer for about 50 a month for 4 session (or 48 sessions in total over the course of 12 months) which would equal 600 bucks on top of the 700 a year membership does cost, thus my gym membership would cost just over 1,300 bucks for a year … ya right I think not.

The bloke who said I really should get a trainer to help me out with my “weight loss plan” said that they could guarantee me 8 pounds a month loss … ya right, I do not think so, and told the bloke as much. He said yes 8 pounds a month he could personally guarantee me I would louse each month, which is that was the case over the course of 12 months that would be a 96 pounds loss … To me that is so NOT realistic, 2 to 4 pounds a month to me is realistic, at least the way my body appears to be.

If I did louse 8 pounds a month for 12 months I’d louse 96 pounds which would put me very close to my original goal weight of 180 pounds .. to me hitting that within a year, is so not right sounding. I don’t really care if all the trainers at the place are certified, I don’t care if they have nutrition certification, and others on top of that … they do not know me, nor my body and no amount of talking to them about my various condition and how they impact weight loss will help since they are not specialists in the fields of study to which my conditions are part of (yes the diabetes might be easy for them in general, but the PCOS and Prophyria are so not in the normal fields that ppl are use to dealing with.)

My goal is 20 to 25 pounds a year loss, gradual loss, not fast weight loss. I do not trust anyone who says that I can louse 8 pounds a month every month type deal, that just does not sound right to me, even if 8 pounds a month is under the weight loss standard a realistic deal, to me its not for my body nor me, not with all my preexisting health problems.

According to the “trainer” my body fat % is not the 27% that the hospital told me it was, but 43% … K sounds a little high to me, but he said its correct within 15% margin of error .. shakes head .. My weight’s also not changed from what their scale said it was at the hospital several weeks ago, so am still hitting the scales at 283 pounds – would have been nice to see their scales show a loss, but no big surprise that there hasn’t been any yet.

After the fitness assessment, I hit the gym proper for my work out, ended up doing 65 minutes on the treadmill at a 5% incline walking at 3.6 mph, which meant I finally got my heart rate above 120 and 130, managed to hit 144 bpm for just over 30 minutes on the treadmill, which was great, talk about a great sweet and feeling great for it all, not to mention talk about time flying by.

I then hit the weight room, for some upper body work out .. did the Dual Pulley Pulldown at 30 pounds for 20 reps then again at 45 pounds for another 20 reps, then hit the Dual Pulley Row at 30 pounds for 20 reps then again at 45 pounds for 10 reps .. by then my arms, shoulders and chest muscles where letting me know I’d better stop or they where going to be upset with me big time. So I knocked off and hit the showers before heading home.

So all in all a great work out, and good day … managed to get in 27,185 steps in total which means I walked 13.43 miles in total for yesterday … unfortunately that means I burned 1387.79 calories of which I only took in 1760 calories … chuckles about right, but not 100% good, but hay it happens.

Well take care everyone



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