A Fat Rant – YouTube

Not a video for everyone, but one thing for sure is .. being of weight does have its problems with it comes to getting clothing and how people do preceve you.

Do I agree with it? to various degrees yes I do, and to other degrees I don’t … I do believe that you do have to be confortable with your body what ever size it might well be. And I agree that clothing prices are a b and a half for larger women, but I also feel that you have to be out there active and trying to eat healthy or you fall into the sterio type that so many over weight people try to avoid, that of being gluttons and lazy. Which sends a bad image for those of us who have weight, but who are active and eat heathy.

Then again I myself have been living with my excess weight for a number of years, though again in my case more muscle weight then fat weight, but some people still don’t care they see some one with weight and they assume they are not active and eat to much … shakes head that is so NOT the turth with me, I am active and eat healthy and yes eat fast foods on occasion.

Oh well a interesting vid rant, to say the least.



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