Fat Loss Monitor With Scale (HBF-400)

Well just got the Omron, Fat Loss Monitor With Scale (HBF-400) from Shopper Drug Mart, about an hour ago … and oh ya it seems to be in the zone. Got the Omron because their Pedometers have served me well, and their blood Pressure items have served my mom well for the past several years, so I figured that their scales deal should prove to be fair accurate (k not 100%, but at least 75 to 85% accurate, i would hope).

K not pleased with what it says my body fat % is, it tells me its at 49% … K i know i should have waiting 2 hours before hitting it so, will hit it again in 2 hours to see what it days about that number, maybe its right maybe its wrong, but I do know something that the scale side of thing is right, at least it looks it, more then the scales my folks use at any rate which are still reading me around 288 to 290.

Well take care everyone



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