5th Pilates Class

Well second last Pilates Class, and it was alright. Learned a couple new things, k not new really but things she’d not shown us before.

I’ve learned that what she called the “Child Pose” is not right for me, it cuts off the circulation to my feet way to fast and easily, so for me the bench pose is easer or to stench out my back sitting a version of crossed legged and lying down over my legs works fair well.

To a degree I am looking forward to the end of this pilates session, the ladies in the group are really annoying me to no end with their complaints of various things, yes they might be 65+ but still they act younger then myself it does seem/feel.

I might not be as flexible as I’d like to be, but most of the positions we have been shown, are easy to get into and maintain for various lengths of time. Yes a few are not right for me, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t preform them for a limited time period. On well put it up to age or something I am sure .. shakes head.

Once these classes are over, i’ll be switching over to the Pilates Classes that the GYM offers, and seeing about joining in on other classes that they do offer, but like everything time will tell just what happens when it comes to classes at the gym.

Well take care everyone



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