Second Hour

Its been a month plus since Norman and I have started attending our local LDS church and a LOT has happened in that time as well during our attendance, reading past posts that I’ve dun about attending plus the talks with the missionaries its been interesting to reread what I’ve … Continue reading

Talking with the Missionaries

Well they came again today like they have been every Wednesday for the past several months (save when it wasn’t possible because of something we needed to do), this time round it was back to the basics of things (starting at the first or second depending on which is actually … Continue reading

Stake Conference

Well N and I went to church today as we have been going almost every Sunday for the past couple months turned out today was something called a Stake Conference. We didn’t know it was happening, or I didn’t at least. N said he was happy enough to be able … Continue reading


Well we actually managed to arrive at church this time the earliest we’ve ever been able to arrive, which was nice for a change since it also meant I finally got to see what the program that is handed out looked like (yes until today I’ve only heard about it, … Continue reading

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