LDSWell we actually managed to arrive at church this time the earliest we’ve ever been able to arrive, which was nice for a change since it also meant I finally got to see what the program that is handed out looked like (yes until today I’ve only heard about it, but never actually seen the program itself that is given out because we’ve never been early enough to get it till today).

Today was much like other days in what was going on during Sacrament only this time I was in for a pleasant surprise, I’d actually brought my own but we’d been just late enough that I never got to give it in but that didn’t matter as the time came and I was prepared to just pass the try onwards without being able to take from it, I found the child coming towards N and I with a separate bowl and in the bowl was the be gal chip it was even on its own side of the offering try without any breads touching it what so ever – they had really made sure that there was no CC taking place.

The feelings that hit me when I saw it and took the pice are hard to explain as I’d been told it would happen, but it kept getting pushed off as to when it would – to finally have it happen when I was least expecting it just made my day on oh so many levels and in many regards made me feel more welcomed into that particular church family/community.

I know there are those out there who may read this and say ya they are just suckering you into their church deeper and deeper or some other types of words and to you I will say, they are doing no more then other’s do when it comes to members of their congregation and in some cases more then other’s are doing. I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t but for me what is being dun is nice to see and does feel good on various levels, but yes I’m in part still a skeptic on the matter in part because its all still new to me, but also because I’ve been burned by other churches in the past so part of me is still waiting for the shoes to drop or something (which it might never happen, but one can hope that what is presented is the way it is without the attached strings).

Outside of all that N ended up having to talk with the bishop in part to see if some of the stuff from down in the US has been transferred up here (his records and the like) and it does seem that they have followed him or caught up to him either way, some of the things that where in question are not anymore so one less issue to have to worry about or deal with for him, which is always a good thing since he really didn’t won’t to have to go though a few of the things again to get back what he’d already gotten oh so many years ago in his youth.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.



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