Spring Cleaning

Well with the better weather we’ve started to go though the storage unit and are trying to get things moved out of it and on to new owners because in many cases its not been used in over a decade so if its not been missed in that amount of time then well its not going to be missed now either, though going though some of the stuff from when I was much younger is blasted hard because some of it brings back memories of playing with granny and what not, so parting with some of those items I just can’t do right this moment.

However, I have managed to part with several of the dall clothing, tyke toys, and reading and colouring books that I’ve collected and put into storage – so those are going to be donated to various places so various children will be able to make use of them (we’re thinking the hospital might be the best option for a lot of the books while the toys are going to Centre 55 to be given out to those in need).

Still need to tackle our closet to go though what clothing I have that I’ve not worn and might never put back on so if its not been used its best another make use of it – but that is easer to type then do for various reason as I am sure many who read this will understand, but I am trying my best to stick to the if not used in X time then it gets donated regardless (but grrrrr still).

A lot of things are needing to get cleaned around the house now that mom has passed and that is still something we are all dealing with since I’m finding it hard to look at things that I associate with mom but I know it needs to get dun but it doesn’t make it any easer, but I know doing it slowly and over time we’ll get it dun its just harder then I thought it would be to do and more emotional then I thought it would be.



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