Interesting Day

Well went to church like we have been doing for a while now, missed half of sacrament, which does happen but where able to attend Second Hour and then we split to our perspective gender orientation groups (shakes head) N to Elder/Presthood and me to Relief Society (the only female option I have because of my age) and there was a baptism taking place that N and I where both invited to attend (in general everyone was invited, but the missionaries who come here asked if we’d come before it had been announced).

The second hour thing was interesting as they where starting at the beginning of the book instead of the middle (like it was last time we attended), there was a video showed that was one I’d seen on YouTube a while back and that had my scratching my head a few times since there seems to be more then one version of it out there that seems to contradict itself, but hay that’s what ever. Those in the class where asked to read from one of the supplies books and ya I got called on to read a paragraph the bloke teaching the class even remembered my name (for all he’s only meet me once – during the first class we attended). So at any rate there was two new people in the class that appear to be learning things since they had a set of sister missionaries who where helping them. They where older males and ended up going with N to the Elders/Priesthood class for third hour.

The third hour was as just as confusing as it was the first time I got dropped into it cold. No idea what was going on or anything and not feeling very comfortable with the group of ladies on any level what so ever. One of the ladies that was leading the group thing talked about some video that was show and how it would touch everyones heart and all I could do when listening to it was wonder what the world was so good about it that it was suppose to speak to me, to me it didn’t sound great and it meant 100% nothing to me. Yet for what ever reason there where people there who apparently did like it, shrugs no idea. I am starting to think that third hour will be avoided as not the best thing to attend though who knows. I just am not understanding anything about it and it feels foreign to me plus as far as I can tell I nothing in common with anyone there other then being cis female.

After that I meet up with N for the Baptism that was going to be taking place, during the wait for this I talked with a few of the people who where in attendance and one of the ladies actually remembered me from a month plus ago (oi oi oi, I remembered her as well but not her name). I will give them this it does feel much like a form of a family deal with how many of them seem to interact with each other (who are not related), which is a nice thing to see though I’m not feeling it as yet – which could be my own not feeling fully comfortable around them playing its roll in the matter.).

Well in short order the Baptism took place with a prayer being offered up, a song, and a talk about what Baptism means then the actual baptism took place – saw some of it but I was at a really bad angle to see most of it, all I know is it involved water, the guy getting dunked and words being said. After wards two of the elders gave a video presentation more talk and then the bloke who was baptized gave his own testomony followed by the person who had dun the deed giving a short talk, then more talking ending with another song and final prayer. There was refreshments offered afterwards, but N and I had to leave and sides the things on offer where nothing that I could have (not when I’d already gone 7 hours without food and my glucose was not happy with me) so we ended up leaving to get something to eat before heading home (on the way home we picked up some items that where needed).

All in all it was a LONG day for the two of us, but interesting to various degrees from my own prespective since its still all new to me. Post more as time passes take care everyone.



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