Talking with the Missionaries

Well they came again today like they have been every Wednesday for the past several months (save when it wasn’t possible because of something we needed to do), this time round it was back to the basics of things (starting at the first or second depending on which is actually called the first in the series that they go though).

Can’t say it went any better this time round then it did the first time the first set of missionaries went over it – though this time there was a lot less of the “I know this to be true” talk which was refreshing since that phrase is quickly gotten on my nerves to various levels, that I just won’t to roll my eyes when its said to me – regardless of the context.

Alright, not good of me to say this, but it’s only true and how I feel about it. I know they are suppose to be encouraging and what not about the faith, but at the same time when that phrase is said at times it sounds so condescending or the like that I so wish to argue with them about its usage, play devils advocate and everything type deal.

But I do enjoy talking with them regardless it just get’s to feeling a bit redundant at times, though I know some of the actual issue lies with dad being around when they are here – so talking freely doesn’t really happen since it doesn’t take much to set him off on his views on the matter, which isn’t a bad thing but at times he can be a tad on the undiplomatic side of things (something I’m still learning to be at times, though mom said I’m better at it in areas then he is).

One thing in the house they so don’t get to do a lot of “teaching” it seems because we spend almost 30 minutes actually just talking about church and the mild interest of how their day’s been thus far (yes I do ask them about it out of actual interest to know, but also because they seem interested in telling about it at the same time – their faces seem to soften when they are able to talk about it like they need to talk about it and don’t get the chance to do so much or something).

Well post more in short order, take care everyone.



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