Driving Around A Pair Of Missionaries

Well yesterday N and I where at the church for something that needed to get dun, and after it the two missionaries who where there where trying to figure out the best way to get to their next appointment which they where going to be late for as it was (that and the time of day meant the TTC is funny at almost full capacity thus isn’t fast with traffic on the streets.)

So instead of having them running to catch the bus and it taking them an hour plus to get to their destination I offered to give them a lift to where ever it was (since they are assigned to the area I knew their destination couldn’t be to far – within the city limits), turned out their destination was the street that use to go to a school to work at dying my co-op year oh so many years ago and have since worked at as a photographer.

So N and I emptied the back seat of my car (ya we should have dun that earlier but never got around to it and well now that its cleaned out we need to attack the trunk where we stuff all the back seat junk, lol) into the trunk making enough room for them to clime in, and headed on our way to their destination.

Was interesting driving them to various degrees, as I’ve totally forgotten when its like to have people behind be in the car while driving. Oi talk about feeling strange to various degrees, big time checking my mirrors and seeing them here (I’m so use to having an open view out my back window that I’d forgotten what its like to have people obstructing part of your view). At any rate we got them to their destination and found it semi funny that they where meeting someone at of all places a coffee shop (since they can’t drink coffee or even regular tea for that matter).

After dropping them off, N and I headed to do a little bit of grocery shopping and grab some dinner for ourselves (since it was edging towards 730pm by then).

Well write more as time does allow for it, take care everyone.



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