Dentil Surgery

Well it finally took place the first step of the Dentil Implant has taken place, the original stuff that was needing doing but the other part that was going to get dun, didn’t happen because he didn’t think it would have been a good idea to have dun as he had first thought it would be.

If you don’t remember or haven’t been reading my blogs posts, around christmas time past year one of my back teeth fractured and parts broke off after I tried to eat a french fry, got home and called the dentist only to learn they wouldn’t be in the office until after christmas so waited, could have gone to the emergency dentist but chose not to (mostly because of the cost but also because since I wasn’t in any pain I figured it was as it was nothing could be dun about it).

At any rate got in to see George and turned out even he couldn’t do anything for the tooth and that I was in need of a referral to another dentist who would take care of the issue (this didn’t happen this fast, took about three months for this occurrence to happen, I kept getting moved around until he saw me and said he couldn’t do it). At any rate got in contact with the referral dentist and saw him and he was less then pleased with my oral health care and even less pleased with how the hygienist who had been doing my teeth had not been doing her job very well (it was almost like I’d not even seen her apparently).

So that started several weeks of going back to him to have his girl work on one side of my mouth and clean it really well then move on to the other side and do the same – then two weeks of going back once a week for him to see how things where healing and if I was keeping up well with my brushing. In that time he noticed one tooth wasn’t getting better and he did a scan of it turned out the infection that George had said would go away has never gone away, so for about a year now I’ve been living with an infected tooth that has slowly been poising my body from the inside (not happy to learn this).

He wonted to slice open my gum today and drain the site, but after the struggle with pulling the broken tooth and how fast the freezing agent he used wore off (faster then he’s use to it happening – and he’s use to various things being a teacher at the local dental collage). So instead of doing it today he’s chosen to wait and see how the tooth getting pulled heals as well as how my bone graphs onto the post that’s been implanted – if it works he has high hopes that it will be a simple drain for the infection, if not then the money spent on the root camel and false tooth has been for nothing and the year of pain and trouble eating well lets say my dad isn’t happy about it and neither am I.

Right now as I site and type this, I’m semi frozen and in pain from the tooth that was pulled out. I’m not looking forwards to the freezing leaving completely if this is the amount of pain I’m in with the freezing still in and wearing off – but it is what it is. He said that it should not be painful after today or if is that it shouldn’t be very (as in no more then an advil or the like won’t be able to handle).

Well post more as time happens take care everyone.



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