Stake Conference

Faith and hope invite into our lives the sweet peace of conscience for which we all yearn.

Faith and hope invite into our lives the sweet peace of conscience for which we all yearn. – David Bedner

Well N and I went to church today as we have been going almost every Sunday for the past couple months turned out today was something called a Stake Conference. We didn’t know it was happening, or I didn’t at least. N said he was happy enough to be able to actually attend it since its been many years since he was last able to attend one. Me well it was all new to me and I had 0 idea as to what to expect or follow what was going on.

One thing is for sure is the place was packed! We ended up setting in the back of the auditorium on cold and hard metal chairs with little screamers in front of us. The couple had 4 children all under 10 (from the looks of it) two young ladies who where behaved very well for their ages and two hooligan boys who where not well behaved at all and most annoying and distracting trying to following what was going on with their antics.

I can’t remember anything from the broadcast of the conference that took place but locally for our area there is apparently over 4k in members, but only just over 1k attend on a regular basis. Which isn’t that surprising since I know other churches around the city have been closing and in some cases moving things into one church from several in the area just to be able to keep the single church going do to lack of attendance. The conference actually did give states for church attendance in general and the belief in God, Jesus and something else and everything was in the decline from what I recall, again not surprising.

So it was not a typical day at church by any means. Part of me would rather not have been there mostly because I am NOT a fan of being around that many people at once and the fact that people wear such smells that make it hard to breath just adds to the discomfort of being around so many people at once, but all in all it was an interesting experience to see. I can only image how the General Conference would have been if this was anything to go by. N said that he was happy to have gotten to see it and be there, better then being at home (ya on this we disagree) and from watching him he did seem to be following what was going on and being said, me not so much. In part because of the tooth/jaw pain that I was going though during the cast and in another part because of the smell that people where wearing was irritating my nose and starting a low grade migraine to form (never a good thing to deal with on any level).

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.



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