Painful Day

Had the tooth pulled and boy oh boy am I feeling it big time!

The advil is so NOT cutting it as a pain killer, and there is nothing the dentist could prescribe for me as a pain killer so I’m stuck with popping 800mg of advil and trying to stretch out between taking it (as in I’m forcing myself to go more then the 8 hours between dosages because I don’t won’t to take more then is 100% necessary, even if I’m in freaking pain).

The dentist said that it would be painful for a few days afterwards but I don’t remember my other teeth being pulled and it feeling like this! Though maybe that is because I have a titanium post in my upper jaw bone that is causing the issues – as in the form object is the reason for the pain and not the pulled tooth deal by itself. Its something I’ll have to ask the dentist about next time I see him (next week) for my follow up appointment.

take care everyone!



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