Tooth Update

Well still in pain, though maybe not as bad as it was the day it got pulled, but I’m still taking the Advil to try and manage the pain – trying to take a little as possible and just dealign with the pain as it rolls in and out of the area. I’m still taking the antibiotic that I was told to take, weather of not its working I have no idea, will know next week I am sure (since that is when I see him again for a follow up).

So far I’ve not actually brushed around the area, though I have gargled that BLEEEP that hurt like a sun of a gun to do – so ya its still in the healing process. Yet no bleeding has taken place that I know of nor any swelling so maybe I’ve gotten lucky, I can hope its a good sign that things are healing right an processing towards the right direction (which would mean getting the infection removed from the front tooth might not be as much an issues as first feared – but only time will tell).

Well hope everyone is doing well, take care post more as time does allow for it.



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