Question of the Day

Do you work better alone or in a busy environment?
I work very well alone. However, I can work in groups without issue.

For example, working doing photography that is sports-based loud comes with the territory, for the most part, so you have to learn to work with it and go with the flow. A lot of sports photography tends to be solo work, or small teams based.

But then you have school photography it changes depending on the time of year, school and other factors.

You can be solo doing retakes or working in small groups (1 other to 10+ other photographers depending on the school size n need). When it comes to the environment for how active it gets you can be working in a school gym one day with all the students being loud, and another day you could be in the school’s lunchroom and part of the time it is low-level noise from the current class that is there to roaring loud cause its lunchtime.

You can also be in the school’s library as a solo photographer doing retakes and only having a couple of students in at a time, and it is quite and less rushed feeling.

Similar deal with a small team doing graduation photos. Noise level can vary as each student is doing what they need to get ready for their turn in front of the camera.

It can be a low hum and very stressful because you have limited time and team members to complete the booked students for that day’s sessions.

I’ve worked in all the above before, and for me, it was challenging and enjoyable. But I do admit that now, five years post, I do not believe I would have the same level of tolerance to the pace or environmental factors as I once had.



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