When Crying Happens

Totally NOT the day, I was thinking it was going to be.

Why do you ask?

Simple, today for no reason what so ever I have actually cried over my Dad.

The first time was when Norman mentioned a TikTok, and before he could finish the story I was trying to not ball my eyes out (but ended up doing so)

The second time, scrolling through Facebook and a FB Friend posts one of the mass share posts, it is to do with dementia – so there is trigger crying 2

the third was just a few mins ago when I was on TikTok and one of the random for you posts comes up and its the one where the girl is handed a phone to call whoever in heaven and is when dialed “hello” and she says ..Mom that had me in tears, not because of thinking of my mom but because it immediately made me think about my dad.

Being this emotional is making me feel not great, it’s like why the bleep am I feeling like this out of the blue? Sighs, one of those deals that happens.




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