Lowest Ever Evening BG reading

Well its been several weeks since I seriously started watching what I was doing and getting myself into the habit of testing and injecting multi-times during the day.

Well its starting to pay off it does feel, for the first time since I started testing back in 2003 I have had a low evening blood glucose level reading that of 7.2 (or around 129 for you americans). Might not seem that low for others out there but since evening meals I have run between 10 and 15 for the past 7 years its a break though for me to be that low.

I do wonder if it had anything to do with taking 6 units of insulin into my tummy over my thy as to why it was that low – though there was several hours between when I had the injection to when I tested again (that and I’ve been sipping at my morning cup of coffee – ya still got it – for some reason I’m not as interested in it as I have been this past week).

Oh well, now to keep that winning low streak up!



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