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Things are Opening Up!

Well I know that we are now in Phase 3 of the reopening or is it 4 (I’ve lost count to tell the truth)? I honestly don’t know and part of me doesn’t really care since it still doesn’t feel … Continue reading

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Insulin Is Blasted Costly

There has been a number of people talking on various FaceBook groups regarding the cost of insulin. Yes its pricy and there doesn’t seem to be any where that’s its cheaper regardless of where you live (though in the UK … Continue reading

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PCOS Update

Well still nothing much happening in this area of my life, it might be having effects on my life but I really do not know as treatment hasn’t resumed and in short no one seems to be interested in seeing … Continue reading

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#CanDoc Chat – Various from past #DSMA chats

The following Questions where posted in the CanDOC Tweet Chat Q1. How has living with diabetes shaped you into the person you are today? It hasn’t really shaped me since I developed it as an adult, its influenced how I … Continue reading

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#CanDoc Chat – Diabetes Organization

The following Questions are taken from the CanDOC tweet chat. 1. Do you have a designated section in your home for your diabetes supplies? Where is it? I don’t have a space set aside for my supplies, I keep anything … Continue reading

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