The Spark … finished reading it

Well I did take my time in reading the book, but I am sad to say that I have gotten more of out the site itself then what the books tells me … the book to me has come across as a hype for the site itself and to me doesn’t stand on its own as a solid read. I do admit to feeling cheated out of my money that it cost me to get the book itself – though not in supporting the site itself (as long as the cost of the book helps the site in that area it was worth it).

Reading the review of the book, I had expected more out of it. I don’t know what more I expected, but some how I expected something and I just feel lacking and disappointed its hard to explain my feelings on the matter, beyond that as much as I would recommend the site to others I actually would not do the same for the book, less they where so new to everything that using the book might help them when they do not have access to read the site itself, maybe then it might be of help, I do not really know).

Only thing I do know is that, I still support the site and though the book to me is a disappointment it doesn’t change my views on how helpful the site is to many people out there or to myself.

Keep Sparking Everyone!



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