Water Weight, growls

Well according to my calculations I should be down by now by 6 pounds and in an ideal world yes I would be, but the world I live in is anything but ideal.

I hit the scales this morning and low and behold its reading that I am UP 6 pounds, talk about its own little shocker. Instead of expecting to see no change what so ever, or at least a few points dropped, I see a gain – shakes head.

Now I know that I’ve seen weight gain in the past from working extra hard and my muscles retaining the water. So this is what I am thinking is the case, because I KNOW that I have not been eating enough to gain that much weight. I’m hardly hitting my bear min cal goal for the day that has been set. I’ve hit it about 5 times so far this year in total (ya I know not good), most days of the week I am around 100 cals short of my bear min intake of 1760 (so not that much under).

I know it can not be sodium that is causing it because I tend to be under 1,500 mg of the stuff a day – most days of the week I’m getting just over 1,200 mg in a day, a couple times I hit over 2,000 mg (sunday being the one day that I went over – mmm pre-made Pizza).

The only thing that I can think of that caused the gain was the lifting and hauling of christmas items back into storage – so I think that could be it yes, but at the same time I’m still displeased with the scale in general. I’m not discouraged or anything just shaking my head at it all, the one time in the month I have marked to hit the scale and it shows what it did (I hit the scale start/end of the month and middle of the month – twice a month).

Oh well, got to love PCOS and the process of weight loss in general. I know what I have been doing and I know what should be happening, its just a matter of time before my body gets on the same page as my mind/head already is.

Take care everyone!



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