Gemstone Elixirs

Gemstone elixirs are similar to flower essences in that they are made so they contain the essence of the vibrations of the crystals or stones used. As one consumes the elixir over time, the vibrational essences work on the root cause of “dis-ease” so that the person can clear the issues that created it and the dis-ease can be relieved. Elixirs can be made for immediate consumption or can be preserved and used sublingually, and they are simple to create. If you are going to make your own gemstone elixirs you will require a few bits and pieces that are easily obtained. First you will want to get some pure distilled water and then find some clear glass or crystal containers that will allow the sunlight to pass through the water containing the crystal. If you are going to make an elixir to drink right away this may be the only thing you will need, as you make the elixir and drink it as soon as you make it. If you are going to store and use the elixirs over a period of time you will also require some medium sized dark bottles, some small dosage bottles and some brandy, vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar for preservative. Make sure that all of your containers and bottles are carefully washed and thoroughly rinsed and have air-dried.

Of course, the most important part of the elixir is the stone or crystal from which the essence will be made. You may desire to consult crystal-healing books, or intuitively choose stones. You can also use kinesiology testing (strength testing) to choose appropriate stones. This is easy. You stretch out your left arm and make it stiff and strong. Have someone test its strength by pressing down on it. Then, hold the stone in the other hand and have someone press down on your outstretched arm to see how “strong” you are with the stone. If the arm is hard to press down the stone will be good for you to use and if it is easy to press down then the stone is not the right choice for you at this time.

It is perfectly ok to choose more than one stone with which to make an elixir. Sometimes mixing crystal vibrations in one elixir is much easier than making a lot of separate ones and then taking a number of them for the desired result. The most important thing about making elixirs from crystals and stones is to make sure that the stone you are using is not water-soluble and does not contain mercury, arsenic, copper, or other toxic substances. One way to determine if the stone you are about to use is not suitable for traditional elixir preparation is to look in a really good mineral guide to find out what the stone’s physical properties are. You might be surprised to find that some stones, like malachite for example, cannot be used in water to prepare an elixir. The book, Love is in the Earth, by Melody, sometimes has information on whether or not a stone can be used to prepare an elixir. When in doubt, there is an alternative method that can be used that I will describe further on in this article.

Most elixirs are prepared initially by placing the chosen stones in a clear jar or container filled with distilled water and setting the container outside in full and bright sunlight for at least an hour.

Elixirs for immediate use can be poured up and drunk by the glassful. To preserve an elixir pour one ounce of brandy, vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar into the water. This will stabilize the vibrational energies and preserve the mixture. Once you have preserved your elixir you can pour it into a dark bottle. This first preparation is called the “mother bottle”.

To prepare a dosage bottle, pour a small one-ounce bottle ? full with distilled water. Then fill to the top with your preservative and add several drops of elixir from the mother bottle. Once you have prepared your dosage bottle you will want to shake it hard for several minutes or pound the bottom of it on your palm (but not so hard you break the bottle). This is similar to the process of percussion that homeopaths use to set the energies of substances in homeopathic remedies. In fact it is a good idea to shake or “percuss” your dosage bottle every time you prepare to take an elixir. You may then use several drops under the tongue or drink a glass of pure water, with several drops of dosage elixir added, at least four times daily.

You can supercharge your elixir, during the preparation stage, by leaving in the sun during the time of the full or new moon. You can charge it up even more by placing it in a dark spot, after energizing it in the sun, and surrounding the container with quartz points in a similar way that you would use the fairy circle or medicine wheel grid, with the container as the center of the grid. You can leave this for a week or so while it receives added amplification from the quartz. Afterwards you may preserve the elixir and create your mother and dosage bottles.

A similar technique may be used in preparing elixirs from stones that may not be placed in the water due to water solubility or toxic substances. In the case of such stones, fill the container with distilled water and place it in the sun. Surround it with a number of the stones that you desire to absorb the essences of. Then create a fairy ring or medicine wheel of quartz points, facing inward, around the container and its exterior stones. This will help to focus the energy of the stones into the water. Remember, if you are leaving such a container in the sunshine with quartz around it, that quartz can magnify the sun’s energy and start a FIRE if you leave it in the grass. Be careful where you place quartz, if you are using it in the sunlight, and be nearby just in case. Once you have energized the stones out of doors in the sunlight, you can continue this process with the quartz supercharging technique described above.

Always, when you have prepared elixirs, mother bottles and dosage bottles, be diligent about marking them carefully. On each bottle you should include the stones and preparation technique used, the date the preparation was started and whether the bottle is a mother bottle, or dosage bottle. If you do this you will avoid having a cabinet full of elixirs that you can’t really use because you don’t know for sure what is in them.

Some other uses for elixirs include elixir sprays. They are also easy to make by adding several drops of elixir to distilled water. I use them when I am in situations where sage or incense is not acceptable for cleansing a space. I have also had baths with gem elixirs, using a teaspoon or so in the bath. It is like taking the stones in the bath with you without the risk to the stones or to the body (sitting on a sharp crystal can be painful). One can even use elixirs in plant water! Elixirs can be safely used for pets IF you are absolutely sure of the safety of the stones you prepared them with or if they are prepared with the alternative technique leaving the stones outside the container. The easiest way I have found to give elixirs to pets is to pop several drops of dosage elixir into the pet’s water each day until the pet appears to be cleared of the disease. Be sure to contact your vet for serious problems.

Elixirs may be used in alignment with the lunar calendar, for both people and pets. Some people feel that starting with new moon or full moon energy adds to its potency. It is also a good way of keeping track of the time you are taking them, as most elixirs are only needed for a month or so. If you are unsure if you still need to take an elixir, you can use kinesiology testing to see if you are still strong with the elixir by holding the dosage bottle in your right hand and having someone do the ‘strong muscle’ test for you. And that is all there is to getting started with gemstone elixirs. Have fun and enjoy the process of creating something healing and wonderful with your favorite crystals and stones.



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