Insulin Injection Points

I know that my Endro said that there was three points of injection that I could do to myself

Should/Upper Arm

Now I can’t reach my upper arm to give myself an injection, so that isn’t happening … when I tried a year ago to inject into my tummy/side area it was to freaking painful (wasn’t able to find a spot that didn’t scream at me when I tried), so this left me with using my thys to inject into.

What I am wondering is from other Diabetics who have to inject insulin where do you do it and do you notice a difference from where you do it in how your body makes use of the Insulin injected?

My endo said it didn’t make a difference – but just like other injections i’ve gotten it does make a difference where some things are injected into. As in muscle vs fat.

I’m wondering if the reason I need to take the 20 units of lantus is because I inject into my thy and not my tummy/side .. same goes with the 8 to 10 units of humalog that I now take with meals.

Oh well I know I’ve asked my endro about it and he still says it doesn’t matter – so it likely doesn’t but I do just wonder what other diabetics who inject have found for themselves, since I know oh so well what works for one doesn’t always work that way for another.

Well I think i found my answer on a diabetic site … Abdomen: fastest … Thigh and Arm: slower and Buttocks: slowest … article does say meal time shots work best in the tummy area (winces – ouch).

Well take care everyone!



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