Coffee, Coffee … mmmm yummmers

Well it happened, had a fair amount of it today

For the first time since May of last year I actually had more then a 10oz cup. I stopped drinking coffee when my hubby and I got married, stopped it cold turkey – before we got married I’d have a min of one 10oz cup at some point in the day. But once we got married, I just stopped cold.

While living down in the US for 5 months I had a couple cups when we where out and about – but nun of it tasted that great (only place I found made half decent java was Dutch Bros, but it wasn’t an easy place to get to so only ended up with it a few times.

Anyhow, fast forward to me coming back home to Canada – first place I stop is a tims for a good cup of coffee … but I only had a few cups till he came up and started getting me a 10oz coffee from tims or coffee time almost every other day. It was a nice treat, but once he left I went cold turkey again till today when I put on a pot of the stuff and went a little over kill on it.

I’m not feeling guilty for the amount I drank or the cals it cost me (I’ve not even hit my min cal intake for the day, and its almost 11pm) – Its just funny to me that I can go cold turkey on the stuff, then have it next to daily then cold then binge on it (though I do have half my cup still before me and I’m not even interested in finishing it off – my mug of water looks more appealing then it does).

I know that there are people out there who can’t live without their coffee, just as their are those who can. Back ground as to why I stopped drinking it to start with … my hubby is allergic severely to caffeine even decaf he can have issues with, so to make sure I do not harm him I just stopped cold. Till I was not living with him again then I started back up, then quite when he arrived (only to start again cause he started getting me a cup of it when we where out and about). I’m not even sure about coffee anymore – growing up the smell of the stuff made me ill, drinking it would make me ill – yet something like 5 years ago after I was put on Metformin I can tolerate the stuff without being ill, it makes no sense to me what so ever.

Oh well, not going to question the past .., just finding it funny of how the past year has been when it comes to the stuff that for so long in my life I couldn’t touch.

Take care everyone,



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