Hit the GYM Yesterday

Well I did manage to hit the gym yesterday, and it was a fruitful time there to various degrees, fruitfull enough that I ended up at harvies afterwards for a plain burgar, chuckles I was craving meat a world of a lot and harvies happened to be close enough to … Continue reading

No GYM Today :-(

Sighs, Well I was going to hit the gym today, but thanks to various things going on here at home wasn’t able to do so … grumbles, looks like I might have to try and hit it tomorrow, if not Monday most def will have to hit it. I am … Continue reading

First Day At The Gym

Well it the gym for the first time in several years, wow talk about a different feeling to say the least. I did 60 minutes on the Automatic Treadmill at a 15% incline and lets put it this way yes I got sweety, but I didn’t even get close to … Continue reading

3rd Pilates Class

Well my third Pilates class was interesting, and I am totally feeling the work out that is for sure, and my lower back is yelling at me for all the stretching it was put though – growls. Oh well, all I can say is that the classes are proving interesting, … Continue reading

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