Hitting the Gym

Well i did hit the gym after all, I just couldn’t stay away till later today, it wasn’t possible for me to do so … so I hit it for 2.5 hours .. k a little over dun, but it felt oh so good, only trouble is I burned just … Continue reading

Hit the Gym

Well I did hit the gym, was so NOT feeling like hitting it, but I did go, spent close to two hours there. Did 35 min on the elliptical at level 5, 25 min on the cycle level 1, and 35 min on the treadmill at incline 5 at 3.0 … Continue reading

Another Day at the Gym

I am starting to get use to the scales being where they are, but am getting more and more furtrated with a few to many ppl on other groups and another site that I am a member of calling me a lier .. sighs, that to me is furstration big … Continue reading

Hitting the GYM

Well I’ve added an extra two days to my time at the gym. As in was going twice a week now its more like 4 to 5 times a week to which I am aiming for to go, yes it means an increase in calories burned while there, but I … Continue reading

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