3rd Pilates Class

Well my third Pilates class was interesting, and I am totally feeling the work out that is for sure, and my lower back is yelling at me for all the stretching it was put though – growls.

Oh well, all I can say is that the classes are proving interesting, however after the 6 weeks are over I’ll not be taking more with this instructor as I can’t afford to price she charges and since the GYM offers Pilates classes three times a week, more convenient and cheaper in general, yes a different deal then what am getting at the moment, but still it will work out I am sure.

Part of the reason my lower back is yelling at me is because of the movements we where doing, which was to pull one keen up to our chest, then the other then stretch it out at high as we where able to do so – not a problem in general but being on my back as long as I was then doing this well lets say OUCH!

Oh well no pain no gain, though in the case of Pilates, there is not suppose to be pain if there is your doing it wrong, ya right. That might be truth for most, but me pain is something I live with so I’m not always sure if its as a result of what I was doing or just being on my back longer then my back liked to start with.

Well take care



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