Last Pilates Class

Well had my last Pilates class with that group of people, and to a degree I will miss the group, but am looking forward to the group at the GYM and seeing how that will be. The last class only had two ppl plus the instructor, the other two people … Continue reading

5th Pilates Class

Well second last Pilates Class, and it was alright. Learned a couple new things, k not new really but things she’d not shown us before. I’ve learned that what she called the “Child Pose” is not right for me, it cuts off the circulation to my feet way to fast … Continue reading

4th Pilates Class

Well the class went well, we ended up using the Ball and tube deal …. chuckles, the other ladies where not having a good time on the ball or the tube, both used for balancing on to various degrees and the ball also used to take pressure off the lower … Continue reading

3rd Pilates Class

Well my third Pilates class was interesting, and I am totally feeling the work out that is for sure, and my lower back is yelling at me for all the stretching it was put though – growls. Oh well, all I can say is that the classes are proving interesting, … Continue reading

2nd Pilates Class

Well second class was interesting for sure, though I am not 100% if the other ladies in the class where liking it that much, as they seemed to both be having trouble with a couple of the motions and positions, to which I found very easy to get into and … Continue reading

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