4th Pilates Class

Well the class went well, we ended up using the Ball and tube deal …. chuckles, the other ladies where not having a good time on the ball or the tube, both used for balancing on to various degrees and the ball also used to take pressure off the lower back for a while.

I enjoyed playing around on the ball, mostly because I have one at home and have had one for several years (before they where popular .. mines a medical one that I got for physio about 20 years ago).

Anyhow, class proved to be interesting and fun to various degrees, but like normal my back was not to pleased about being laid on for prolonged periods of time, but hay its part of the mat work, and well it seems to be doing some good to my back so can’t complain overly so.

I have two more classes left to go to before this session is over, then I will start going to the one at the GYM, in part because its part of my fees I pay for the gym so might as well make use of them beyond the standard work out stuff, also cheaper then paying over 100.00 bucks for 6 sessions.

Well take care everyone



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