Tired in the Extream

Sighs I have next to no energy today, I am feeling blllllla again. K maybe its the going to the gym every other day that’s got that happening, or maybe its just the fact that I’ve been bleeding for two weeks now and its getting on my nevs that depo shop can’t come fast enogh it does feel (not that it will stop the bleeding, but it will at least stop it for a short period of time (couple weeks type deal).

My sites are going alright, though one like always is getting the brunt of hacks .. growls at males who don’t have anything better then to attack a female site for female computer users, it stucks.

Mom’s not doing as well as she could be doing, but like everything she’s getting along as best as she is able to do so. The whole house has to undergo a bit of a retro fit in the next several months to help accomidate mom’s new needs (a chair left, handles added to shower and bath, and a few other deals), she’s also getting a scooter to help her get around when she is out, since she can’t walk for very long (10 to 15 min tops before she’s tuckered out).

We’ve also won a trip, not sure where to (since we have a choice to choose where we wish to go) nor when it will take place, just that it will take place this year sometime and be to the US. I’ll know more Sunday, when my folks go to the place that they won the trip from (mom can’t go because of her needs, so that means dad and I will be going). Should prove to be intersting to say the least I am sure.

Well take care everyone,



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