2nd Pilates Class

Well second class was interesting for sure, though I am not 100% if the other ladies in the class where liking it that much, as they seemed to both be having trouble with a couple of the motions and positions, to which I found very easy to get into and maintain.

I know I didn’t like the wall (working up to the full Pelvic Press it does seem), as in sitting my feet flat against the wall which my legs in a chair formation .. that was really uncomfortable for me .. my tailbone was not to pleased with me .. aka it hurt. Felt way better when I had my legs fully extended against the wall with my feet against the wall .. less strain on my tail bone so to speak.

We also started working on the V-Pull and Elbow Push-up .. now this is really uncomfortable for me thanks to the fact that my bust are still a little large and get in the way when I am on my tummy.

The instructor has already gotten the class to do the Head Float and Rib Slide (i can’t do it thanks to my neck, but looks interesting watching the other ppl do it).

We did this sitting deal which is a form of crossing your legs save your kind of sitting on one cheek bone with your legs not tucked together, by side by side type deal (hard to explain what it is since i don’t know what its called, rather can’t recall what she called it). It is easy to get into for me, but the other ladies in class where having a little problem doing it, maybe because of their age and not being that flexible I don’t really know, but I found the position fair relaxing,then again crossing my legs and sitting like that in general is common for me.

So all in all a good class I do feel, came away feeling good about it and about myself to boot (as in feeling more flexible then I first did).

Well take care everyone



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