First Day At The Gym

Well it the gym for the first time in several years, wow talk about a different feeling to say the least.

I did 60 minutes on the Automatic Treadmill at a 15% incline and lets put it this way yes I got sweety, but I didn’t even get close to my 157 target heart rate that I get to with my manual treadmill after being on it 10 minutes .. goes to show that more effort goes into the manual at 5% incline then an automatic at 15% incline at 3 mile an hour deal.

Shakes head, so much for automatics offering resistance, at 15% incline for 60 minutes at 3 mph there wasn’t much of a resistant, then again that manual might have given me a false sence of resistance or something to compaire to, which is possible.

So am not incline to buy an automatic while I have access to the gym, i’ll keep my manual use it as I will and use theirs as well.

Now the weight room, that was fun, just wish I had brought my not pad with me to record the machines that I used. I know apx what the machines was called and the amount I lifeted and how many reps.

Thy Press = 40 reps at 80 pounds
Arm/Shoulder Press = 15 reps at 35 pounds
Arm/Shoulder Pull = 15 reps at 35 pounds
Arm Row = 15 reps at 35 pounds

Next time I am going to make sure to bring my pad and write the things down so i can better track them. According to my HRM for the stregnth training I burned 300 caloires, k just over but like everything I just remember the 300 part since I totaly hit the wrong button and reset the blased thing before I could record it down.

So all in all for my first day at the gym, I burned 925 calories in a span of 2 hours.



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