update on mom

Well she’s doing better it does appear save for the fact that the B of the west is across from her in the ER – by the B of the west i mean the next door nabour who has made my folks lives here at times a living hell with her bitching and complaining and rather rude comments to say the least of her lack of language of a repeatable nature.

Anyhow, when dad and I left mom in the ER there was still no word when she would be moved to a room within the hospital proper, but we are hoping that when we call in the morning that we’ll be told shes in the hospital proper – which means she gets her stuff plus a new addition to it all “a stuffed animal” – something which i have taken to getting her when she goes in to help her while she is in and it does appear to have worked thus far.

Well will post more as the day progresses, take care everyone



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