Mother’s Day Blessings

Memory of My Mom

To those who are Mother’s Happy Mother’s Day, to those who are not like myself I hope that today has gone well for you and that you’ve been able to enjoy your day regardless of if you have contact with your own mother or not.

Mom’s Wheelchair’s Here

Well they finally delivered mom’s wheelchair, and what a little monster it looks to be .. but hay its what she needs to be able to get around then so be it, doesn’t mean I have to like the looks of the thing, thats for sure. Mom’s having fun trying … Continue reading

Bla day

Well didn’t get much in the way of a workout dun today, nor much else, was so NOT feeling that well, aka totally feeling out of it for unknown reasons. I no long as doing pilates, k I am doing them but its at home on my own type stuff … Continue reading

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