Norman’s Mom’s Wedding

Well July 25th 2009 Norman’s mom got married to the person she had been dating for the past two years or so. She finally said yes to him after saying no all because she didn’t wont to leave her unmarried son on his own with his medical condition or what have you.

K I can understand her being worried about his medical health yes, but that is no reason to put your own life on hold. Many adults live with Epilepsy in this day and age and live on their own to boot. Granted his was not apparently under-control as it has gotten since he started living with me, but still its part of his life.

Well back to the wedding, the catering was dun all by his two eldest sisters though the one who lives where we do did most of the cooking and baking. His eldest sister baked 8 cakes – 5 chocolate heart shaped cakes, plus the main cake itself which was vanilla. She also made up finger foods for people to eat, and his other sister also made up finger foods. His eldest sister went with him to SAMs to get two veggie platters plus a fruit platter, plus stuff to make up punch for everyone to drink.

Her idea for the punch was one I had not thought of before, since to me punch is made with water, but instead of water she chose to use ginger ale. She added the Kool Aid to the punch bowl, then added the frozen fruit cups then the ginger ale. Made for interesting flavored punch that is for sure.

The wedding itself was different from others that I had attended smaller for one (though larger then ours), he did introduce me to friends of the family and family members that I had not yet meet (including his uncle who is gay and not really liked by most of the family in general, was their with his partner which was great).

I ended up in the last place I though I would be – the Kitchen. Turned out not a single lady there had the skills to ice a cake, shakes head. His eldest sister actually managed to butcher one of her cakes she’d baked trying to ice it. She also used a whole freaking can of icing on said cake and she only brought three with her in the first place. Well I was in the kitchen at the time and seeing what was going on offered to take over from her and ice the cakes.

I actually managed to ice the 4 remaining heart cakes and re-ice the cake she’d butchered with the two can’s left, and had some icing left over to boot. She tried to ice the wedding cake, but again that was not in the cards, so I took over that job as well and iced it up (from what I was told, it looked like a professional job – ummm alright). Added the decorations that his sisters wonted but for the life of them had no idea how to get dun and in general dressed the plates they where being presented on (as in washed around each cake making it look as presentable as I was able to do so). I know pic’s where taken of the cakes and the wedding cake, with luck I’ll be able to post them shortly for all to see.

The ceremony itself was about 30 min in length and had a host of religious babel that made no sense to me with various references to chapters and verses that again meant nothing to me what so ever. But I would assume at least was understood by them to what ever degree.

Though I am sure had she known the background on the head pice she wore she would not likely have worn it, you see she had her granddaughter make her up a similar head deal that I wore for our wedding – so it was kind of funny a Mormon wearing a pagan item (made both Norman and I chuckle). But it did work with her outfit and hair – so was a good choice over any other hair adornment she could have chosen including a vail. Her wedding dress was simple yet old fashioned at the same time (Norman took a few pics of her, so I’ll post them once he gets them off his phone).

The reception was where some of the fun and other annoyances took place. You see he and some of the males took off to adorn the newly weds car with stuff (which I never got to see because I ended up helping once again in the kitchen – guess I didn’t learn well enough the first time, go me!). From what I understand they filled the care with balloons that would spill out once the car doors where opened and that is just what happened.

Anyhow, while they where doing all that. I was mingling with the other guests. One of them was rather rude and snobbish she was like “who are you? and what are you doing here?” shakes head. I was like “I am the Wife of the brides only son.” and she was like “oh him” Grrrrrrrrs.

I also ended up getting peppered with the question that everyone there should have known better then to ask, but apparently have forgotten or what have you. “So when are you going to start a family?” like hello! He can’t create sperm so he can’t father any children even if he wonted them and you all freaking well know it! Sighs, so I just said “We already have our family” which got a lot of puzzled looks to say the least. One biddy had the nerve to ask me how many children I was going to give him, and on top of that had I converted.

Chock, counts to 10, deep breath, let it out slowly.

Well my answer though I tried to be gentle was not as good as it might have been – but at the time I was getting ticked with the ppl asking be about reproducing. So I just said to her, “Nun, Im not into breeding” and “No I’ve not converted over, he converted over to mine.”

Ya I know I could have handled it better, but by time she got around to talking to me, I’d been asked so many times the child question that I’d had enough of it. And the converting question I’d also been asked a number of times. One lady was like “I hope you will be attending service tomorrow with us, you will make a great addition to …..” I about lost it with that comment. Good thing at the moment in time he chose to come back into the room and I was able to get up and out and make myself scares (hence why I ended back up in the kitchen helping clean things up).

Oh well, that is it for now, post more as time passes take care everyone.



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