Burning More Cals then I first thought

Well was in the hospital to do my annual fitness deal – where they check my breathing and heart rate and what not

Well learned my Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is 50 bpm which the doc was extreamly pleased to see, it was down from two years ago when it was about 70 according to his records.

He then had me jog/walk on the treadmill at a 20% incline for 30 minutes – managed to get my heart rate up to 145 bpm and keep it there (I was sweeting like crazy by the end of it, but wasn’t even out of breath at all – was told very good breath sounds).

Then came the shocker, he asked me how many cals I though I had burned and I was like “about 250” and he was like try higher and I was hmmm 275, and he said higher, well needless to day I didn’t guess the cals burned. Turns out for that time on the treadmill I burned 370 calories – I was like “how much!”

We then talked about what I had been doing for the past couple of weeks – showed him my logs, and the weight loss (have lost two more pounds from my June 11th weigh in) and he was like if I am averging the same time on my manual treadmill then I am burning about the same calourie count each day, plus the 500 that I average just walking the dog, which means I am actually burning an average of 800+ calories a day way more then I thought.

The doc did me a favor and wrote me a note that gave me the brand of the heart monitor that he was using on me so I could get the portable version of it from the local Shopper Drug Mart Health unit (my insurance even has payed for it because it was recomended by my doctor! which is great news to me since the unit was just over 100.00).

So it does appear that my 3,500 cal goal a week will have to be revised to a higher cal range (just have to figure out how high – am thinking of putting it up to 4,000 for next week, and increasing it each week following as needed till I hit 7,000 calories burned a week – if I hit higher then 7,000 then will have to figure out how to taken it down a few notches – can’t afford to burn more then that in a week for healths sake – i would think).

Well take care everyone



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