Sighs, what a way to wake up being told to get your ass in gear and attendyour mom becasue she has fallen and to go help her.

What do I find but her, at the kitchen table bleeding from a dandy of a goose egg at the back of her head, and her wanting to go to sleep (possible bleeding on the brain – not a good sign).

Any how the supervisor EMT arrived and thought everything was alright till her pressure started to drop and her speach got worse – then he upgraded the bus to get here now type deal.

They are trying to take her to the hospital she normaly goes to because that is where she will behaving the g-tube put in, so good reason to takeher there if at all possible (I hope they can, since that is where all her doc’s are located).

Right now, I am in a stage of freak out, worrid about her because I freaking well should have been up and awake and there with her, not freaking sleep getting sleep that I haven’t been able to get for the past week – i can function on 4 or less hours, I didn’t need to be sleeping – sighs i freaking wel blame myself fo rnot being there when it happened.

Well will post updates as they happen, please keep her in your prayers and blessings.

take care



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