30-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 8

Active Challenge: Accumulate at least 15 minutes of walking up stairs or hill-climbing.
Went for an hour plus walk along the beach then back home going up and down streets looking at the various homes and what people have dun to them this summer.

Exercise Challenge: Spend at least 5-10 minutes working your abs. Choose one of the Ab Workouts or your own routine.
Did some from the Wii Fitness game

Flexibility Challenge: Do at least 5 (or more) reps of the following yoga exercises anytime throughout the day: Cat Stretch, Forward Fold, Bridge, Downward Dog to Upward Dog Or one of the suggested Yoga Workouts
Did 30 Minutes of Wii Yoga

Nutritional Challenge: Eat at least one serving of fruit with every meal and snack today.
Wish it was possible, but don’t have that much fruit in the house, veggies on the other had is another matter. I’ve had veggies with all meals thus far.

Mind/Body Challenge: Two-Minute Meditation
Turned into being closer to 15 minutes but it still felt good

Record your workouts and meals in your journal
I’ve dun so by posting this, though still need to collect the info from SP and post

If you haven’t completed some of the things on this checklist, make a note of what you still need to do and when you’ll do it. If you did complete all the assignments, write down what you found the most challenging and why. List any other tasks you’d like to accomplish in addition to or instead of the challenges listed above.



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