Day 2 of 44 Days of Witchery

A myth or story from folklore.

A Native American Creation Myth

When the Earth was young it had a family. The moon, or Grandmother and the sun, called Grandfather. The Earth was a woman – Mother Earth – because from her came all living things. Mother Earth was given four directions – East, South, West, and North, each with physical and spiritual powers.When Mother Earth was young Creator, or Gichi-Manidoo as Ojibwe people call him, filled her with beauty. He sent singers in the form of birds and swimmers in the water. He placed plants, trees, insects, crawlers and four-legged animals on the land.Gichi-Manidoo then blew into four parts of Mother Earth using the sacred megis shell. From the union of these four and his breath, two-leggeds or man, was born. Thus, man was the last form of life to be put on Earth. From this original man came the Anishinaabe – or The Original People.



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