30-Day Fitness Challenge: Day 4

Active Challenge: Set an alarm to go off every hour and stretch or move for at least 1 minute
Easer said then dun, but as it was today is one of those days that has been very active so very little time to actually sit still for very long to start with.

Exercise Challenge: Take at least 15 or more minutes to perform strength training workouts
I did my series on the Wii Fitness program that last for 30 minutes, so I think I got this covered

Flexibility Challenges: Perform the following stretching exercises twice today: Hip Flexor Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Lunge Stretch, Chest Stretch/Ball, Full Stretch, Or another Flexibility Workout
Well I managed to get in the listed stretching exercises in today, twice even which is a first for me since I don’t tend to follow any single deal of stretching.

Nutritional Challenge: Research one staple food item in your pantry or refrigerator and determine whether it’s healthy or if you need to find a substitute
Dun this a long time ago, if it doesn’t meet what we can eat even as an occasional treat it isn’t in the panty to start with

Mind/Body Challenge: 3-Minute Total Relaxation
Took a nice long relaxing bath

Record your workouts and meals in your journal
One of these days I will get around to copying the stuff from Spark here, but other wise this is my record of what I’ve dun today in regards to working out.

If you haven’t completed some of the things on this checklist, make a note of what you still need to do and when you’ll do it. If you did complete all the assignments, write down what you found the most challenging and why. List any other tasks you’d like to accomplish in addition to or instead of the challenges listed above.



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