Family update

Well mom is doing better which is a good thing, she’s eating more – still not keeping it all down, but at least she’s on a higher calorie diet then she was, so more chance of getting food down then before.

She’s not able to walk much yet, and gets dizzy spells still when upright, but other then that she’s looking and apparently feeling much better. They are still running tests to see what else might have been damaged from the attacks.

Mom’s scheduled for a CT scan next week, and they are thinking of keeping her in till then, so that they can monitor her during the scan, but we’ll know more sometime this week about if and when that might actually be taking place – it seems the CT scanner is over booked and they are behind the scheduled scans, like since when is that something new, they always seem to be behind in things of late at the local hospitals, less its real emergency that is – even then it can still be delayed.

Got my Depo med, and it cost me over 40.00 which is robbery, its not being used as birth control, but to treat my PCOS – and it pisses me off that I can’t get compensated for it, 40.00+ a month is a hell of a lot out of my pocket that I do not have (at least not right now I don’t).

Dad’s dun some calculation for the new drink mom has to have upwards of 7 times a day, and its looking like its going to be almost 400.00 a month for it. He’s looking into seeing if he can buy it in bulk, but at the moment no idea. I can’t even get the info from the suppliers site, since it only give’s US info, sighs I can’t seem to find the canadian supplier, as yet. I’m trying to find the Glucerna canadian supplier, I know we can get it from Shopper Drug Mart, but at 22+ per 12 pack, its to expensive and its though that it will be cheaper to buy it in bulk if possible.

K I found the makers, and their Canadian office, but it doesn’t look like they sell to the general public, but its worth phoning them in the morning and seeing if it is possible to buy direct from them, if X amount will be bought over X amount of time type deal. I’ll let everyone know how that goes.

Take care everyone,



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