Friday? maybe…

Well according to mom she might be coming home tomorrow or Friday, but we don’t know yet which one it will be as yet. She still have to see a certain doc about something, and get him to sign off on something in regards to her health – thus she can’t be released till he does so.

In general mom appears to be doing rather well. She speech is back in full, her writing skills are back to normal, and she can walk further then she was once able to, so all in all improvements are happening, which is great to see.

From what she has told me, all the nursing staff like her pink mouse – chuckles they apparently are kind of surprised to find her with it, according to her they keep thinking its mom’s granddaughters which she’s minding type deal. But now that most of the staff has seen me, they know other wise (why is it so many ppl assume the there has to be a child involved?) So will give update info on mom as it comes in.

In other news my uncle is getting a Maltese sometime this week, and mom’s already decided on what she’d going to call it regardless of what my uncle calls it, she’d going to call it either dust mop, or dusty for short. My uncle, don’t want to call it that, but then again time will tell what name wins out.

Well take care everyone,



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