Mom’s doing better

Well mom is doing better today, then she was yesterday, which is a good thing – totally.

She has more speech back, and is better able to put a sentace together – though her memory or the like is still not back to where it was before the last porph attack, but it does appear to be coming back.

She still doesn’t have full muscle coordination back, but she can write which is something, though its a little shaky, but hay at least she can put the stuff in her head into written words – that’s better then she could do yesterday or the day before.

The projection is that she will be in till next weekend, beyond that they do not know. But at least till the weekend. Dad and I think its at least going to be 10 days if things go as they have in the past, but like all things time tells what it will when it will.

I spent from about noon till 4pm with mom today, as dad had to go to his own doc appointments – so he saw her after me and I came home, so no idea what he’ll be wanting when he gets in for supper if anything save sleep, for this part his sleep apnea isn’t going well the meds don’t appear to be working that well at the moment (then again he’s just as worried about mom as I am, though likely more so then me to various degrees).

My own proph, is active, and from the tests has been in active attack for a while now – they can’t place a number on it for me, but its estimated that its a min of a year that I’ve been in an active attack mode, thanks to the medications I’m on, some of the stresses I’ve been under and other factors. Doc says I need to de-stress myself, and I’m like tell me something I already don’t know! I know i need to de-stress, I’m trying to meditate, I’m trying to take relaxing baths (kind of hard at the moment though to do any of that – but I am trying).

I figure, I’ll be able to de-stress when I am able to do so, till then take it a day at a time and do my best to keep it calm and cool, and not get overly worked up over anything – not easy to do, but I’m trying.

I also need to get a new back scratcher, busted the other one the other night was scratching my back, and put to much pressure on it, snapped it in two. Good thing mom’s not around when that happened, the blood on the hand end well lets say I scratched parts of my back bloody and didn’t feel a thing, save it was still not scratched enough. Grrs I do not like itchy backs, that I can’t scratch hard, fast, or long enough without drawing blood, its annoying to say the least.

Well take care everyone,



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