How To Find Your BMR for Women

Weight in Pounds times 4.38 equals

Height in Inches times 4.57 equals

add Weight and Hight Together

Age times 4.7 equals

Now take away age from Weight and Height

now add 655 to your result and that is your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) the measure of the energy your body usesw in normal everyday functions.

280 pounds x 4.36 = 1,220.8

60 inches x 4.57 = 274.2

1,220.8 + 274.2 = 1,495

28 x 4.7 = 131.6

1495 – 131.6 = 1363.4

+ 655

= 2018.4

Your BMR is the minimum number of caloires your body needs in order to function – add this number to your calories burned though exercise and activie and your get your total daily calorie epeniture – which mean syou have a good idea of how many calories you could eat in a day.

Example BMR of 2018.4 and burning 629.07 cals in that single day equals 2647.47 calories burned, which means that as long as I don’t eat over 2647.47 calories i should in theory be able to still louse weight (of course there are other factors in play, but that’s how it bascially works for the average person apparently).



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