Gastric feeding tube for mom :-(

Sighs that the freaking doctors

Well its been a freaking long time, and well because of that mom is now to freaking weak, malnurished and underweight that they will NOT do any of the operations that she needs dun.

Thus they are going to be putting in a Gastric feeding tube so she can get the nurtrents that she needs as well as gain the necessary weight so that they will be able to do the various operations that need doing.

Mom was expecrting that this would likey happen because she’s been able to get less and less food and liquids into herself with ever passing day and her weight keeps going down and down and down (she’s at under 90 pounds at the moment getting close to 80 pounds – unfortunatly)

She got the offical word yesterday from her GP that she is offically malnurished, and that she has to go into hospital ASAP. Which in reality means as soon as a bed in the surgacal wing opens up its apparently got her name on it.

Now the other problem that goes along with this is, what is it going to cost us to feed her? Will the insurance cover the cost or will be it out of poket? We’re hoping that insurance will cover it because my folks can’t cover anything more because they already spend out close to 2k a month on meds fo rmom as it is of which over 1k is not covered by insurance.

Oh well will keep everyone posted as to whats happening with mom and with me, etc

take care



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